A ‘Grand’ Day Out in London – Confessions of a Uni Student #5

Heya folks! Update in the life of Lost... So it was Do Something Different Week last week at my uni, meaning two things: A) We all got a week off lectures/seminars B) There was a bunch of stuff to do Naturally, being the introvert I am, I didn't do a lot; what I did do, … Continue reading A ‘Grand’ Day Out in London – Confessions of a Uni Student #5


Unfinished Books

Heya folks! Now, I'm well aware that the title of this post is pretty dang boring. I'm with you. But I DO have a reason for this list! See, I have a very bad habit of being in the middle of about four books at any given time. It's actually a little bit sad, since … Continue reading Unfinished Books

If My Body Could Speak – Book Review

Title: If My Body Could Speak Author: Blythe Baird Genre: Poetry, LGBT+, Feminism Format: ebook My Rating: 3.5/5 stars Summary (via Goodreads): If My Body Could Speak is about fighting for the space one takes up in a world that would rather they take up none at all. Blythe Baird deftly and uniquely charts a course through various modes of … Continue reading If My Body Could Speak – Book Review

Dear Jane – Book Review

Title: Dear Jane Author: Marina DelVecchio Genre: Young Adult/Coming-of-Age Format: ebook My Rating: 4/5 stars Summary (from Goodreads): Kit Kat is a fifteen-year-old adoptee who writes letters to her favorite literary character, Jane Eyre, as a means of surviving a violent childhood in Greece and a harrowing adoption in New York that requires her to silence her memories and her … Continue reading Dear Jane – Book Review