Musings of a Shop Assistant

Heya folks! First off an apology - I've been pretty absent this week since I was busy Monday which is my 'type up and schedule posts' day and haven't had the chance to sit down and get one written for a few days. Sorry!! So last month I realised I've been working for a whole … Continue reading Musings of a Shop Assistant


Discussion: Making Friends

Heya folks! This is a post that literally just popped into my head, so bear with me XD As a person with social anxiety, I find it really incredibly difficult to talk to new people. It's not that I'm scared of them; it's that I freeze up and can't carry a conversation to save my life, which … Continue reading Discussion: Making Friends

Why you should be listening to The Penumbra Podcast

Aka I-caught-up-with-this-the-other-day-and-haven't-been-the-same-since. For those not in the know, The Penumbra Podcast is a sci-fi/fantasy podcast (surprise!) that is quite possibly my favourite due to the representation, storytelling and sheer humour. The basis is that there's a hotel called The Penumbra, and each room has a guest that tells their story; I think the initial idea was to have … Continue reading Why you should be listening to The Penumbra Podcast