Dance Costume Hacks

As well as being a writer and book-dragon, I dance! I do ballet and tap (plus a mix of other styles) and a couple of months ago was our biannual showcase!

I wound up being in around 10 dances, which doesn’t sound all that much. On the side of the stage doing quick change after quick change, however it is hell. I mean, it’s part of the fun, and the adrenaline tends to help, but trying to get pointe shoes on in under a minute is never an easy task.

Throughout my time dancing, I’ve figured out a lot of hacks for costume changes (and costumes in general) and wanted to share them!

(Disclaimer: some of these are common sense, but they’ve helped me a lot)

sparklesLost’s Costume Hacks

  1. If you have something sparkly that is getting glitter all over your hands, spray it with hairspray. It seals in the glitter and keeps your hands clean!
  2. If you have a top/dress/waistcoat that has crossed straps (that are an actual pain to get into if you’re hurrying) sew them together where they join. It makes your life 10x easier. Trust me.
  3. Learn to tie yours shoes like this. Honestly, it’s SO much easier than it looks and saves a hell of a lot of time.
  4. Stick foam on the inside rim of any hats that are too big. It’ll ensure that it stays on your head (because even with elastic, they can come flying off).
  5. If you need to hide bra straps under a high-backed leotard, clip them together with a paperclip; you can get special bra-clip things, but paperclips are waaaay cheaper.
  6. Have a labelled bag for each costume you need to change into and a box to throw everything in whilst you’re changing out of it. That way you won’t lose any important accessories!!
  7. Hairspray and clear nail varnish stop a ladder from spreading, but they stain your tights – use them sparingly!!
  8. Pull sequin belts on over your head, ESPECIALLY if you’re wearing fishnet tights. (Okay, that one is common sense but you’d be surprised at how many pairs of fishnets I’ve seen ruined because people – including myself – fail to remember).


That’s all I’ve got for now! If any of you guys dance or perform and have more costume hacks, leave them in the comments or on Twitter and I’ll add them to the post!

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