Top 5 Books that Hurt My Soul

Heya folk! So I am currently procrastinating getting ahead on my reading for uni with The Go-Between by one L.P. Hartley. Now, I haven't actually finished it and I have no idea what happens at the end, but I'm getting some really strong Atonement vibes from it. If any of you have read/watched Atonement for A level, you'll probably know just how … Continue reading Top 5 Books that Hurt My Soul


Sunshine Blogger Award #1, #2 AND #3 !?!?!

OMG guys this is such an amazing post to be writing!! This is one of the first awards I've been nominated for on this blog, and I've wound up being nominated three times within the past week or so??? So a HUGE HUGE THANK YOU TO: ANGELA, MARIA and ALEXANDRA (Also to everyone: I'm SO … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award #1, #2 AND #3 !?!?!

Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion

Heya folk!! Today I want to talk a little bit about Harry Potter - or, more accurately, about the Sorting Hat. Anyone that's a Harry Potter fan knows their house. That's a given. Mine's changed since I was eleven; when I was younger I thought I was Ravenclaw. Getting older, however, my views have shifted … Continue reading Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion