Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion

Sorting Hat Quiz GraphicHeya folk!!

Today I want to talk a little bit about Harry Potter – or, more accurately, about the Sorting Hat.

Anyone that’s a Harry Potter fan knows their house. That’s a given. Mine’s changed since I was eleven; when I was younger I thought I was Ravenclaw. Getting older, however, my views have shifted and I realised something – I am most definitely a Slytherin.

Now, I’m a fairly creative person, I love reading and writing, and academically I’ve always done pretty well – all of these are apparently ‘Ravenclaw’ traits. Any quiz that I do (besides Pottermore) takes these traits and immediately sorts me into Ravenclaw.

What these quizzes fail to take into account is this: I work hard because I want to succeed. I charm my way into people’s good books so that when I need to slack a little bit due to mental health or sheer exhaustion, they don’t tend to mind.

Yes, of course I love learning. That’s a huge part of me and how I interact with the world.

However, what most Sorting Hat quizzes fail to take into consideration is this: what’s the motivation behind their answer?? Almost every quiz I’ve seen paints Slytherin as selfish and manipulative (not saying I’m not both of those things at times!) when deep down, we’re just ambitious.

I know this has mostly turned into a rant about being a Slytherin, but my main point still stands: sometimes the Sorting Hat is wrong.

Let me know what you think! I’d love to hear other people’s sorting stories and tirades!!

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34 thoughts on “Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion

  1. I’ve never agreed more with a post. I’ve been sorted into Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin. According to all the quizzes I’ve taken and I could say I do love learning A LOT like I guess a ravenclaw? and I could see some traits of a gryffindor but being honest with myself I’m a slytherin, which doesn’t mean I’m selfish all the time, but I’m really ambitious and I have more traits of a slytherin than the other houses!

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    1. I feel like I could have written this post! I also thought I was Ravenclaw because I am so academic-minded. I took the Pottermore quiz and was sorted into Slytherin and was devastated! However, the more I think and reflect, I am definitely Slytherin. I aim high, I want to succeed, I must succeed, and I strive for it-sometimes to a fault. Great post!

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      1. Oh wow that was me exactly when I first took the Pottermore quiz!! I find it’s what I value the most that defines it, creativity or ambition – Slytherin House Pride 😁💚


  2. I’ve been considering this the last couple of weeks especially since I’ve started taking a good hard look at myself. I’m in the same boat that I am unabashedly a Ravenclaw, always have been and I love my house. I love academics, learning, and all around doing well, being the “smart and resourceful” friend of my group. After talking with my fiance and listening to him tell me the things he likes about my personality, I realized that many were Slytherin traits, yet very often all of those sorting quizzes rank Slytherin as my lowest (there was only one where Slytherin was a close second).

    I feel that a lot of sorting quizzes take all of the houses at face value but fail to really understand the inherent character traits of most, the most apparent being Slytherin. There is a really great analysis series by ScreenPrism (on YouTube) about the Harry Potter houses, and there is a video specifically about how misunderstood Slytherin is titled “In Defense of Slytherin.” It’s a great watch that I think you’d appreciate.

    Great post!

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    1. Ahh, taking them at face value is it exactly!! I shall definitely check out that video, it sounds like it covers this topic brilliantly 😁

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!! 💚


  3. Yes to this! I got places in Slytherin when I did the Pottermore quiz. My husband was confused, but I think I was more confused why more people weren’t in Slytherin. I am 99% sure that the questions about money are what placed me there. I’ve always wanted to have enough money to live somewhat comfortably. As I joke- I want to buy a latte when i feel like it and not have to worry. But ambitious is not my biggest motivation. Being the BEST isn’t always my top priority. I mean sometimes, but wasn’t the take away from the books that everyone have attributes from each house?

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    1. Exactly! The idea that Slytherins are money-hungry people is ridiculous?! And yes to everyone having attributes from every house!! It tends to be the one that you value the most that determines your house, but sorting quizzes tend to get the wrong ones 👀💚


  4. I’ve always self-identified as Slytherin! When I went on the HP studio tour they asked us to cheer for whichever house we were – there was just me and a five year old cheering for Slytherin but we made more noise than everyone else put together. Slytherin till I die! 🐍💚🐍💚🐍💚

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      1. The kid literally ROARED. I got some very disapproving looks (he was not my child, I just happened to be standing next to him). He also ran up to the model of Buckbeak and bowed 😂 sooooo cute!!! 💚

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  5. I’ve always been sorted into Hufflepuff and I’m very proud of my Hufflepuff-ness (I mean, our common room is right next to the kitchens AND THAT SAYS ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME). That being said, I’m pretty sure that there’s some Ravenclaw in me too. I’m glad I wasn’t sorted into Ravenclaw though, because I don’t think I’d ever get into my common room. You have to answer a riddle AND NOPE I’M HORRIBLE AT THOSE. I’d be the Neville of Ravenclaw, always locked out of the common room. But I guess nobody is all one thing or the other, so I totally agree with your post here.

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    1. Hufflepuff are so awesome, here have some house pride 💛💛💛💛💛
      Aww I doubt you’d ALWAYS be locked out…maybe like once a week 😉 And you’re absolutely right, almost everyone I’ve chattered to has claimed a bit of two houses!! 💚💚

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