Laundry – Confessions of a Uni Student #2


Heya folks! I’ve had this little ramble saved up in my observations notebook and figured it would make a good entry for this confessions thing…hopefully y’all find it at least a little entertaining!

(Also this one has some swearing in it, just a heads up 🙂 )


Laundry at university is a fucking palava.

I found this out in my second week, when we (‘we’ being myself and two flatmates who for the purposes of anonymity shall be known as Cheshire and Tootles) discovered that the laundry card dispenser at our end of campus was broken. 

Being the intrepid explorers we are, we trekked to the other laundry on the opposite side of campus to buy the goddamn things before realising we didn’t have a single quid in change between the three of us – this is a bit of an issue, seeing as the cards themselves are £3 each. After a quick debate Cheshire went back to the flat in search of coins (he’s got the longest legs, okay?) and we sat down to wait.

After about ten minutes, a message came through to our flat group chat.

Cheshire: Can someone let me in please?

That’s right. Sitting there, in the laundry, Tootles and I both had a set of keys each. Cheshire, back at the flat, had none.

There’s a bit of a blank in my memory at this point, since this was ten weeks ago, but I distinctly remember him somehow getting into the flat to get change, then turning back up at the laundry with a packet of digestives. (And, thankfully, coins.)

Cards obtained, both of them tried to top them up using the machine before realising that you actually have to log in to a website and register the cards, plus top them up online. After that, you have to go to yet another machine in the laundry and punch in a code to activate the credit. 

As I said. It’s a palava.

At this point, we all basically lost the will to live. At the same point, Tootles remembered that she’d left her hoodie (that was apparently in dire need of a wash) back at the flat, and since there was already a queue, we figured we’d leave Cheshire to wait, and jog back for it.

This in itself wasn’t an issue. I’m not a jogger, not exactly, but I don’t mind doing a bit of running. The issue comes in when we take into account that since I don’t run on a regular basis, I forget that I’m usually not dressed for it properly.

Now, I don’t know if any of you guys own dungarees, but I basically live in them. They’re brilliant, I can wear them for multiple days in a row, and since patching up the ‘fashionable’ rips in the knees, they’re fairly warm. Only issue is that unlike the skinny jeans I live in the rest of the time, the back pockets are pretty loose.

Take a guess at what was in my back pocket.

As we jogged along, I somehow forgot about my phone until I heard it crack against the floor. It landed face down.

This was not a small crack. 

This was quite literally the entire screen completely shattered. As in, we got to our flat and the screen was half grey, half picture. At this point I figured, okay, it can’t be that bad, right?

We got back to the laundry, I pulled it out of my pocket, and the bottom corner had gone purple. As it turns out, I had to go and get the screen replaced completely because by the next morning that purple had bled across the ENTIRE screen.

But I digress.


This is quite possibly the worst thing about being a uni student. Circuit laundry is so. goddamn. expensive. It’s £2.80 for a wash and £2.00 for a tumble dry, and it’s really just one big pain in the neck.

It was at least another hour before the first of their washes finished (we got through at least half a pack of the digestives), with another ten minutes for the next one to finish. We were in there long enough that we made friends with a couple of total strangers and had a very long conversation with them.

tl,dr; Don’t use the university laundry if you can help it.

Lots of love,
Lost Signature


3 thoughts on “Laundry – Confessions of a Uni Student #2

  1. Hahaha I remember those days! Our tumble dryers only took 20p pieces so whether your clothes got dried literally depended on how many people you’d roped into saving them up for you. There was no change machine and 20p only bought you 7 minutes. We’d all be hefting bags of soaking wet clothes across campus to dry on clothes airers in our rooms (with the help of a hairdryer – the perks of free electricity!)

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    1. Oh my god that’s ridiculous!! 20p pieces? 😂😂 We have the opposite issue, it’s £2 for 50 mins and you can’t stop the tumble dryer at any time 😣 Some days we just go for the soaking wet clothes 👌👌

      Liked by 1 person

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