Things to do in 2019

Heya folks!

First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

This is a small list of ‘resolutions’ I wanted to make, mostly for myself so I can try to keep track of the things I really, really want to achieve this year.


  1. Finish my WIP. It’s a children’s book and I’ve written the majority of my first draft, but I really REALLY want to finish it and start the editing process!!
  2. Sort out my emails. I have about 60 unread on all five of my email accounts and it’s just a little bit tragic.
  3. Pass my tap dance exam!! I’m taking my Intermediate exam, and if I pass it, I only have my associate exam left to do before I’m qualified tap dance teacher!!
  4. Pass my first year of uni. Okay, so I guess this one should probably be a little higher on the list than emails, but it’s one that kinda goes without saying.
  5. Be a better person. (I have unashamedly stolen this one from my flatmate. I asked him just before we broke up for Christmas if he ever makes new year resolutions and he just shrugged and said “Try to be a better person at the end of the year than I am now”.)

That’s all I have for today!! Let me know your goals and resolutions down in the comments 😀

Lots of love,
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