I’m Back!!

Heya folks, it’s your gal Lost back with an *squints*…update??

This is less of a confession and more of a diary entry, but I’ll try to make it somewhat humorous XD


Okay okay, so I got back to uni on Friday and realised just how much I’ve missed being here. Considering that spent the majority of the Christmas break half-believing that the entire first semester was a weird fever-dream, it’s a bit odd that I’ve settled back in so quickly.

Most people got back over Sat/Sun, so that first night was really quiet. Like, eerily quiet. Because my room is right next to a walkway, there’s usually people walking past at any given time of night or day (and I mean that 100% literally; I’ve listened to people having intense emotional discussions outside at the wonderful hour of 4AM).

That first night though? Dead silence.

Well, I say that, my flatmate Cheshire in the next room was already here too, so there was at least a little bit of noise whilst I was going to sleep. I’m back on my home-time-frame and he’s still on the uni-time-frame, meaning that I’ve lost my ability to stay awake til 3AM. Sad times.

Speaking of flatmates, I don’t think I’ve ever launched myself at anyone like I did at everyone this weekend (though in my defence, I haven’t seen any of them in a solid month. That’s a long time, okay?) Everyone just hugs here, all the time, and being the hug-monster I am, it’s great. Seriously.

I have one issue right now, and that’s finding accommodation for next year. There’s six of us wanting to move in together and finding a six room house is…trying. That being said, I think we’re nearly there with it so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

Course-wise, I’m actually ahead on my reading *le gasp*. I give it a week before I’m behind again, but we’ll see!! On the bright side, I have someone to go to my lecture with this semester, since my flatmate Slightly is on the same module as me this time – I’m not holding out too much hope though, since we both nearly fell asleep yesterday. Sigh.

My sleep pattern is slowly returning to uni-time-frame, since I went to bed at 1AM this morning; I’m not sure whether to be proud or not, since the reason behind it was a long and involved conversation about fanfic and hookups with my other fannish flatmate Bird…

In other slightly-less-uni-related news, I’m taking my Intermediate tap exam in March and if I pass it, I only have my teaching exam left??? It’s such a weird thought that I might actually be a qualified teacher in the next couple of years??

I’ll be back soon with something book related (hopefully)!

Lots of love,
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