Mug Cakes – Confessions of a Uni Student #3

Mug Cakes

Heya folks!

So, you guys might be surprised to know that I like baking. In fact, I’m actually not bad at it. I can make banana bread, sponge cakes, biscuits – but I cannot for the life of me make a mug cake.

Now, that’s probably in part due to the fact that for the first few months I straight up refused to use a recipe. I can make cakes by eyeing the ingredients into the bowl 90% of the time, so I figured I could do exactly the same with mug cake.

Yeah, no.

As it turns out, eggs are a pain in the neck. There’s just too much in one egg to put in a single mug, and it’s not like you can actually split it in half easily. (Not to mention the amount of times I accidentally dropped shell into the mixture. My flatmate Cheshire finds this funny, but hey, at least I didn’t cook raw chicken.)

It got to the point that I wound up keeping a running tally of exactly what went wrong with each cake.

– Twice it was the egg shell being dropped in without my realising (nice crunch when I got to the bottom of the mug, yikes)
– At least five times there was just too much egg, and the microwave smelt absolutely awful afterwards (sorry guys)
– Three times it was too much flour. On the bright side, these ones actually rose and didn’t smell of egg. On the downside, they were bone dry.

At this point, my friend Pan from home was in despair. Even he can make mug cakes, and he has the common sense of a boiled egg. He told me to get over myself and look up a recipe.

So I did. I looked up a recipe that doesn’t involve egg. You’ll probably not be surprised to know that I somehow screwed that one up too, because I used too much oil.

To put things simply: I, a university student who is relatively intelligent, forgot that when you put oil in the microwave it gets really fucking hot. Thus, I burnt my tongue.

(To be fair, I don’t know what happened to that one – I reckon I didn’t use enough flour or something because the whole thing basically turned into caramel.)

After another week of avoiding mug cakes, I looked up a different recipe and tried using it completely without oil…and it worked!! Or at least, it would have worked had I stirred it properly. There were still lumps of flour in it. Rip.

I’ve tried it a couple of times since, only using one tablespoon of oil (and I use hot chocolate powder since I don’t have any cocoa powder here), and it’s actually worked REALLY well – success all round!!

Do any of you guys have good recipes I can try?? (Preferably ones that won’t get me kicked out of the flat lmao)

Lots of love,
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