Accidental Ghost-Hunting (Part 2)

Heya folks!! If you read the first part of this, you may (or may not, that’s cool) have been waiting with bated breath to see if anything would come of it.

The answer to that question.



Yup, you read that right. We got approved. Our uni now has a Ghost-Hunting society which we actually have to run. Our now President, Bird, and vice-President/Secretary, Slightly, went along to the final meeting and came back with the good news – we’re approved.

So, as you can probably imagine, we’ve been pitched head-first into having to organise a calendar of events for next year and get our acts together enough to be able to run this successfully. First part of doing this is organising a committee; luckily, our group all have different skills that make us ideal for different roles.

I’m Health and Safety Officer. My skills involve being a hypochondriac. Okay, I’m kidding (well. ish.) but seriously, I have to write up all the risk assessments to make sure we know how people could possibly die during this and how to keep that from happening. No pressure.

(Honestly my main worry here is people getting possessed so like…do I put that on the risk assessment or…?)

(That was a joke, Slightly. I’m kidding.)

Since there are only six of us, a couple of us doubled up on roles – I’m also in charge of the social media! This part I actually can do quite happily, what with running my own blog and twitter etc, so here’s to hoping that it continues to go well!!

As for the running of things as a whole, on the bright side, our committee all live in the same place. On the less bright side, our committee all live in the same place.

Let me explain.

It is very easy for us to hold meetings and chatter about ideas when we’re all in the kitchen together. We can literally just go knock on the door of the next room if there are questions, and it works in our favour that we all basically know each other’s routines.

However. Hopefully this won’t happen (I am seriously keeping my fingers crossed), but we can also be quite an argumentative bunch. Well, kinda. Some of us argue more than others. But if, on the off-chance, we do fall out over something unrelated to the society (i.e. someone hasn’t washed up/feels left out) I’m really, really hoping it doesn’t put a perpetual strain on us as a committee.

It’d be naive to think we won’t squabble a little bit – we always do. But to think that we might actually fall out properly? Yikes. And the fact that not only do we have to live with one another, we have an entire society on our backs that involves us being a united front? Double yikes.

(I’m sure it’ll be fine – my brain likes to catastrophize at every minute of every day, so this is probably mostly unfounded.)

However things turn out, I’m actually pretty excited to see how this turns out – who knows, hopefully we’ll make a bunch of great new friends from this!?!

That’s all for now – I’ll update as and when we actually get going with this!

Also, related(ish) – do any of you guys believe in ghosts? I’d love to hear your stories!!!

Lots of love,
Lost Signature

10 thoughts on “Accidental Ghost-Hunting (Part 2)

      1. It was my grandparents previous pet. I’m not sure I even knew they used to have one. I was in the corridor and saw a transparent tabby cat run out of the living room and vanish at the cupboard under the stairs (which I guess is where the cat food used to be). I remember really clearly!

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  1. AHH. This is so cool. Good luck with the not-getting-possessed stuff – I’m over here just like… “okay shotguns filled with salt, holy water, anti-possession tattoos…” but that’s Supernatural and not real life. XD Plus the school board would frown on shotguns, I’m sure………

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