The Write Reads aka the BEST support network in book blogging

A Story

Picture this: it’s mid September. A young protagonist with blueish hair sits in her car, making a good attempt to chew her own lip off. It appears that she is nervous.

She is, in fact, nervous. This girl is moving to university today. Her life is being shaken up like it’s never been shaken before. Like a milkshake, without any of the sweetness usually associated with milkshakes.

They arrive at the uni. She checks in, begins sorting her room, says goodbye to her parents, and that’s that. She’s left alone in a weird place with weirder people.

But wait!

When she checks her phone, it’s full of notifications. They are from…




*theme music plays*

So, if you follow me on Twitter you’ll probably be aware of a blogging gang called “The Write Reads.”

(If you look at my profile, you’ll see the spam of retweets because I’m terrible and retweet everyone’s blog of the day all in one go about once a week -_-)

Now, I’ve been involved in this for about a year – the basic premise is that we’re on a rota organised by Dave (who is a superhero, and you cannot convince me otherwise) and when it’s our turn for “blog of the day” or “review of the day” he puts up a tweet linking to our post and everyone else likes/retweets/comments etc in order to boost our stats.

As a pretty small blogger (I just hit 170 followers on WordPress last week!) this is a GODSEND. Every couple of months I know I get the chance to have people see my blog, PLUS I get the chance to check out so many other people’s posts!?!

The thing I remember the most though is that my first “blog of the day” was the 22nd of September last year – aka, the day I moved to university.

I was absolutely terrified that whole day, but knowing that I had a whole host of people supporting me (and being reminded of it every time I checked my phone and saw a ton of notifications) honestly made me feel so much more at ease.

Even though I was in a weird place with strange people (soz flatmates, you know it’s true), I had all these people that I’d talked to and interacted with as a form of normalcy through the BIGGEST shakeup of my life.

So yeah.

This is a huge, HUGE thank you to Dave for setting us all up with the best support network we could ever ask for – I know we’re all so, so grateful for everything you’ve done for all of us, and this month has basically been dedicated to showing you that!!!

Since the entire idea of The Write Reads is that we support each other, and I waited til the very last day of the month, here’s a link to EVERYONE ELSE’S THANK YOU POSTS! Honestly, they’re all so perfect and heartfelt and touching and what I’m saying is that y’all should read them if you need some positivity in your lives right now ❀

The Posts

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Sarah Ann Carter – Finding a Book Blogging Community

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Papertea and Bookflowers – Thank you!

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Suckerforcoffee – Saying Thank You #TWRAppreciation

Allieereads – Bookblogging and Mental Health: The Empowering and Supportive Community of TheWriteReads

Lucinda is Reading – How The Write Reads Has Helped Me OR How I joined a Book Blogging Cult and I Regret Nothing

MyHappyReads – Part of the gang…

A Tale of Two Pages – A Community for Book Lovers

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Like Herding Cats – A huge Thank You to The Write Reads

Looking Glass Reads – Thank You, The Write Reads!

Book Hooked Nook – Why I Love The Write Reads

(PLEASE if I’ve missed anyone DM me on Twitter or leave a comment with your link!! It’d be great to get everyone’s posts out there one more time πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š)


Thanks Dave, for everything you do with The Write Reads – and thank you to everyone else in the gang for being the best support network of bloggers I could ever ask for ❀

Lots of love,
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