2019 Book Blogger Awards Nominations!!

Heyheyhey folks!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE DAY I COULD WRITE ONE OF THESE POSTS!!! I missed the 2018 awards (was still new to the whole actually-talking-to-people thing) and have been EAGERLY AWAITING these ones!!!! In case you've no idea what I'm on about, this is being hosted by May @ Forever and Everly (go … Continue reading 2019 Book Blogger Awards Nominations!!

Liebster Award!

Heya folks! I'm back today with a post I've been meaning to do for AGES; The Liebster Award!! I was nominated by the AMAZING NSFord, and you should really go check out the answers on their post 😀 The Rules Link to Global Aussie’s Award blog post. Comment with a link to your Award post. And put … Continue reading Liebster Award!