Types of People in an Argument

This isn't book related at all - my apologies!! I haven't had time to write up many blog posts recently, but I've now sorted out a timetable and have scheduled in Fridays as my day for typing and scheduling my posts for the week!! Honestly, this is only a half-serious post; there was an argument … Continue reading Types of People in an Argument


A Whole New World (Of Words!!)

Heya folks! So I've been doing a lot of my uni reading (novels are great, essays are... less great) and I've been coming across SO MANY new words. Or at least, words that I knew vaguely but never knew the actual definition of before!! Because there are so many of them, and I think they're … Continue reading A Whole New World (Of Words!!)

Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion

Heya folk!! Today I want to talk a little bit about Harry Potter - or, more accurately, about the Sorting Hat. Anyone that's a Harry Potter fan knows their house. That's a given. Mine's changed since I was eleven; when I was younger I thought I was Ravenclaw. Getting older, however, my views have shifted … Continue reading Why I Disagree With a Lot of Sorting Hat Quizzes – Discussion