Things I’m Hyped For: 2019

Heyheyhey!! I'm still alive, and I just realised that there's a TON of things this year that I'm super super excited about, and I wanted to share them with you guys šŸ˜€ First up:Ā Avengers Endgame.Ā Yah, I'm a huge Marvel fan and yah, I am going to be seeing it as soon as I possibly can … Continue reading Things I’m Hyped For: 2019


Dancing – Confessions of a Uni Student #5

Heya guys! I'm still alive! So the other week I did my intermediate tap exam (scary, next one is teaching exam!?) and it reminded me that I wanted to talk a bit about that on here. Now, one of the best things about uni is the sheer amount of societies there are. They're a brilliant … Continue reading Dancing – Confessions of a Uni Student #5