I’m Back!! – Confessions of a Uni Student #3

Heya folks, it's your gal Lost back with an *squints*...update?? This is less of a confession and more of a diary entry, but I'll try to make it somewhat humorous XD Okay okay, so I got back to uni on Friday and realised just how much I've missed being here. Considering that spent the majority … Continue reading I’m Back!! – Confessions of a Uni Student #3


2018 Reading Challenge: VANQUISHED

Happy New Year!! Guess who finally got her act together!? SO, for the first time in three years I actually COMPLETED my reading challenge on Goodreads with a grand total of... 54 books!! *throws confetti* (To be fair, I think that a good deal of those later in the year came from the books I had to … Continue reading 2018 Reading Challenge: VANQUISHED