Stuff You WILL Want at Uni

Heya folks!! As you've probably figured out by this point, I finished my first year at uni (it went by so fast??? What??? What do you mean second year??) and have been writing a series of posts featuring tips for surviving living in halls. I'm back today with a list of things that you may … Continue reading Stuff You WILL Want at Uni


Lost’s Loot – July Round-Up!

Heya folks!! I'm pretty sure I tried doing one of these ages ago, then like...forgot...for probably a year...or something... But I'm back!! And trying to get into the habit of doing these (if only so I remember what month it is lmao). This month I read one, single book. In my defence, I've been pretty … Continue reading Lost’s Loot – July Round-Up!

Saying Goodbye

I saw a sign the other day, and it said something like "The only time goodbye is painful is when you know you'll never say hello again." It's a nice sentiment, I guess - goodbyes can be temporary, and by all means they shouldn't hurt. And living away from one another can sometimes help - … Continue reading Saying Goodbye