Hag-seed – Book Review

Title: Hag-seed Author: Margaret Atwood Genre: Shakespeare retelling, fiction Format: Paperback, 283 pages My Rating: 3/5 stars Summary (from back of book): Treacherously toppled from his post as director  of the Makeshiweg Festival on the eve of his production of The Tempest, Felix retreats to a backwoods hovel to lick his wounds and mourn his lost daughter. And also to plot his … Continue reading Hag-seed – Book Review

A Whole New World (Of Words!!)

Heya folks! So I've been doing a lot of my uni reading (novels are great, essays are... less great) and I've been coming across SO MANY new words. Or at least, words that I knew vaguely but never knew the actual definition of before!! Because there are so many of them, and I think they're … Continue reading A Whole New World (Of Words!!)