Straight on Till Morning – Book Review

Title: Straight on Till Morning (Disney Twisted Tales #8) Author: Liz Braswell Genre: Fantasy, YA Format: Paperback, 488 pages My Rating: 3/5 stars Summary (from back of book): What if Wendy went to Never Land with Captain Hook? Sixteen year old Wendy Darling wishes for a more exciting life. So when an opportunity to travel to Never Land on a … Continue reading Straight on Till Morning – Book Review

Discussion: Good Books vs Favourite Books

Heya folks!! So a couple weeks ago, I finished reading George Orwell's 1984. Two of my flatmates had read and enjoyed it, with one of them citing Orwell as the author of the 20th century, so I figured I'd give it a go. I go into a little more detail in my review, but suffice it to … Continue reading Discussion: Good Books vs Favourite Books

Peter Pan Adaptation Masterlist

It's no secret that I absolutely love Peter Pan. (As in, I-wrote-my-A-level-literature-coursework-about-the-book, love Peter Pan.) And to spread the love about this AMAZING story, I wanted to make a masterlist of adaptations!! Hopefully there's something for everyone on here, I hope you enjoy! (Disclaimer: I haven't read/watched all of these, if there are any that … Continue reading Peter Pan Adaptation Masterlist