The Inhabitants of Neverland

I mention a lot of people on here, so I figure I need some way of reminding myself who’s who:


Wendy – Folks, one of the only people that has put up with me since I was an irritating three year old to the present day. She’s legit one of my favourite people; we dance together and tend to wind up wandering the countryside for hours on end.

Pan – The other person that hasn’t killed me in the fifteen years we’ve known each other. Honestly, he might as well be my brother; I know I can talk to him about basically anything and he’ll be supportive.

Sixth Form

Nibs – One of the best friends I’ve made through sixth form. They’re probably the biggest part of why I’m no longer such a people-pleaser and have a wicked sense of humour; plenty of psychology classes were disrupted by us not being able to stop laughing.

Jane – One of my other best friends from sixth form; she is most definitely the mum friend and loves to sit down with a good cup of tea. Incidentally, she also wants to be an author.

Michael – Another guy in my friendship group that I had a huge crush on for like a year. We’re still pretty good friends and he’s currently at college in America because he’s a nerd

Bell – A girl that I was friends with for 3/4 of sixth form. It’s a long and complicated story between us and a handful of other people that I may tell one day. We haven’t spoken in nearly a year.


Slightly – Flatmate who is also taking literature; he’s an actual sweetheart who is simultaneously a pain in the neck. (Jk I love him really. Most of the time, anyway.) I’ve been bullied into watching too many films by this guy, even if I did wind up enjoying them way more than I thought. Gives great hugs, 10/10 recommend.

Bird – Probably my best friend in the flat – we’ve got a pretty similar sense of humour. She plays DnD and is suCH A TALENTED ARTIST HOLY SHIT. HER STUFF IS INCREDIBLE. Always down to do weird shit out of the blue too, which is probably for the best with the people in our flat. (Yes, this led to sword fighting with rolls of clingfilm at the wonderful hour of 1AM. No, don’t ask.)

Star – Absolute queen. Another flatmate, she’s such a badass and is so un-apologetically awesome, but she’s simultaneously one of the kindest people?!? What a legend. You know you just meet some people and click instantly? She’s one of those. We’ve sat up talking together a few times and I always come away feeling so much better about the world.

Cheshire – Another flatmate who is also an absolute sweetheart, despite being on the receiving end of multiple raw chicken jokes every day. We end up talking so much in the kitchen, and he never fails to make me laugh even on the worst days. Also gives great hugs.

Curly – My very very loud flatmate who dances and is ridiculously flexible. She’s an actual ray of sunshine and I can usually hear her laughing in the kitchen from my room at the other end of the flat.

Tootles – My other very loud flatmate who is probably one of the sweetest people to walk this earth. Words cannot describe how good she is at giving hugs and she’s just such a warm person I’m smiling right now.

Mungo – Heart of gold. I have literally never met anyone who breaks so many stereotypes all at the same time. He’s a brilliant cook and is always ready to give advice. Also always tries to see the best in everyone. Imagine hugging a bear that isn’t attacking you, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what his hugs are like.

Smee – I may change that name. I love this gal with all my heart; she’s the only person in the flat shorter than me, but she’s got the biggest heart of everyone in there. We haven’t known each other as long as I’ve known everyone else, but she’s still one of my closest friends in there (she made pancakes. Pancakes.)

Hearts – Friend of our flat, she made us all cookies which were very sweet just like her personality!! She’s a queen at playing Speed (card game) and is probably one of the warmest people to walk this earth. Give her a hug and you’ll probably hear Metallica from her headphones…


Tink – My favourite kid at ballet. She’s a little nerd like myself and I’ve wound up giving her so many of the books I no longer read.

Alice – My cousin who is also a dance teacher; she’s probably the closest thing I’ve got to an older sister and she’s one of the few family members I am happy to go to for relationship advice.

Secondary School

John – My best friend in Year 7 and 8; we’re no longer in contact. I get the feeling it’s a friendship that he outgrew, but hey – things don’t last forever.

Tiger – Best friend of Year 10 and 11; we don’t talk so much anymore, but we’re still connected via Facebook. It’s a friendship that I grew out of and it was a messy breakup to be totally honest. She messaged me out of the blue recently; maybe things’ll change?