2019 Book Blogger Awards Nominations!!

Heyheyhey folks!!!

I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE DAY I COULD WRITE ONE OF THESE POSTS!!! I missed the 2018 awards (was still new to the whole actually-talking-to-people thing) and have been EAGERLY AWAITING these ones!!!!

In case you’ve no idea what I’m on about, this is being hosted by May @ Forever and Everly (go follow. quick.) who wrote a post on all the rules and award categories!! Nominations are still open til the 20th of June (thank the lord, I completely forgot) – have fun with all this!!

(TO be totally honest, I interact with people more on Twitter than I do via my blog, so hopefully I can get as many people in with this as possible – if I miss anyone I’M SO SORRY I LOVE YOU ALL!!!)

Note: I haven’t got people for every category, so if you write your own post, be sure to check out May’s (link above) for all of them!!


Best Pre-Teen/Teen Blogger

  • Beth @ Hufflepuff Beth – ATTENTION PLEASE. WONDERFUL HUMAN DETECTED. I actually love talking to Beth so much, and though she doesn’t blog so much these days, she has an AWESOME YouTube channel you should deff check out!!

Best Adult Blogger

  • Angela @ Hiding Behind Books Blog – (I’m prefacing this by saying I’m unsure on your age, but I *think* it’s above 20? SO sorry if not, consider this another best teen/pre-teen <3) I’m not sure if I’ve met a person so dedicated to helping others!?! Her blog is SO aesthetic (SO MANY COLOURS!! PASTELS!! UNICORNS!!) and all I’ve ever encountered from her on twitter is overwhelming warmth!!


Best Book Reviews

  • Rain @ bookdragonism – Aight, so I just realised I really need to catch up on Rain’s reviews because they are always amazing and filled with screeching in excitement about books, but also like…my TBR is so big already…and she always makes me want to read every. single. book. she. reviews. Seriously. They’re THAT good.

Best Blog Aesthetic

  • Amber @ The Literary Phoenix – Okay, this may be because I love purple, but CHECK OUT THAT LOGO. AND THE FONTS. AND THE PICTURES. Like, even her sidebar is aesthetic af!?!
  • The Orangutan Librarian – I’m here for the Orangutans. And the banana rating scale. It’s so DIFFERENT and VIBRANT and I LOVE IT!!!

Best Blogging/Writing Voice

  • Luana @ Book Storm Girl – I’m sorry, but I usually wind up cackling by the time I’ve finished reading Luana’s posts. They’re the most sarcastic, hilarious pieces of writing (with JUST the right amount of weirdness mixed in) and you should 100% check out the linked post for some crazy facts!!


Most Engaged in the Community

  • Dave @ TheWriteReads – guys. Guys. Can we appreciate that this guy organises and runs the BIGGEST book blogging group ever? Like he keeps track of 100+ bloggers AND organises giveaways and stuff on top of that!?! And somehow still has time to know and talk to everybody? Like WHAT?
  • NS Ford Writer – I’ve never met someone who manages to just like…comment on, and reply to absolutely EVERYONE?? THANK YOU, YOU MAGNIFICENT HUMAN FOR BEING SUCH AN AMAZING SUPPORTIVE PERSON

Friendliest Member of the Community

  • Iris @ Hoard of Books – Um, hello? Who else but the SWEETEST MOST ADORABLE PERSON TO WALK THIS EARTH? Seriously, Iris is always such a lovely, lovely person and I love her to pieces ❤


Best Small Book Blogger (under 1,000 followers) [two winners!]

  • Ali @ Tea and Turned Pages – SO. MANY. COOL. IDEAS. I literally just found the linked post and now need to go hopping all the way across the blog!! (Also it’s aesthetic af, pls guys, go follow her blog + twitter, it’ll take you like 2 mins.)
  • Rachel @ Obsessed With Fairy Tales – This is a relatively new blog to me, but you can bet I’ll be going back through all her book tags!! Again, give Rachel a follow if you don’t already, and check out what she’s been reading recently!!

Best Overall Book Blogger [two winners!]

  • Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall – uh, guys. Again. This gal is amazing. I haven’t kept up with her posts anywhere NEAR as much as I wanted to this year, but she has it ALL. Reviews, projects, discussions – and they are all wonderful.


There are so so many more people I could nominate, but I know I’m pretty tight on time right now (procrastinated this for three days straight) and if I carry on blog hopping like I have been for the past couple hours I’ll never get it done!!

Love to you all,
Lost Signature

25 thoughts on “2019 Book Blogger Awards Nominations!!

  1. AARGH!! You are honestly the best, thank you *gives hug*. I might just subtly hint to you though that the blog might be making a return in the not so distant future 😏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much! That’s so lovely of you! ♥
    LOL, I don’t manage to like/comment on everybody, it’s not possible… I try my best though. Agree about Write Reads, he must be superhuman!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *gives you all the hugs and chocolates*

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATION. Y’ALL ARE MOTIVATING ME TO KEEP WRITING BOOK REVIEWS. I didn’t know a lot of people liked my reviews but here you are 😭

    This means a lot to me. Love you so much ❤💙💚💜💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AHH YOU’RE SO WELCOME HUN!!! Honestly your reviews are so great, I actually love reading them (gotta catch up with them at some point!) You’re always so enthusiastic about everything and I wanna read all the books you review 😂😂

      LOVE YOU TOO ❤💜🧡💛💚💙

      Liked by 1 person

  4. *cries endlessly*

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE NOMINATION!! I’m so sorry I just saw this because I’m on hiatus and I feel like social media is giving me the heebejeebies 😂 You’re right about my age though, definitely an *gulp* adult at 27 years old!

    And lol does it seem like I’m suuuper helpful? I’m glad you think so even if it doesn’t feel that way. In any case, this is a PSA to anyone who reads this that if I haven’t helped you yet, DM me on Twitter! 😂

    Also I’m so sorry in advance because I’m set to rebrand my blog with a witchy vibe huhu. Still torn on keeping the pastels bc I LOVE THEM and so many other ppl do too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YOU’RE WELCOME YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH OMG!! 💚 and honestly don’t worry, am just glad you saw it 😁

      And yes it does!! Every time I see you interacting w/ people it’s to boost and support them 😁



  5. OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU!!! 😂💕💕 Love that I can make you cackle, 10/10 hoping I do again.

    I don’t know most of the other bloggers, but couldn’t agree more on the ones I do, adfsfetsgyhs I love these people, and I LOVE YOU!!

    Liked by 1 person

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